Gertrude Junior Health Cover - UAP Insurance

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Entry age

- 0-18 years


- Five options (I, II, III, IV, V)

Flexible cover limits

- Kes.500,000, Kes.1M, Kes.3M, Kes.5M, and Kes.10M on inpatient - Kes.50,000, Kes.60,000, Kes.100,000, Kes.150,000 to Kes.200,000 on outpatient.


- Premiums vary on age bracket from Kes.12,451 to Kes.183,293 (inpatient) and Kes.32,934 to Kes.157,539 (outpatient)

Flexible cover on

Maternity Kes.50,000 - Kes.200,000 Dentist till Kes.15,000 Optical till Kes.15,000 Chronic, pre-existing conditions & HIV/AIDs - Kes.250,000 to Kes.1,000,000 Covid-19 - Covered up to Kes.250,000 Accommodation - General ward (Kes.8,000) & standard private room (Kes.18,000) & Ensuite (Kes.26,000). Bed limits net of (NHIF) rebates. Overseas treatment - Excludes Western Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Has credit facilities in India. Airfare payable economy class. Emergency - Road and Air evacuation depending on the plan. The network of providers - Presence in all 47 counties Waiting periods - 28 days for illness 60 days for surgical claims

Claim process

- Co-payment of 2000 to Nairobi Hospital, Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi, MP Shah Hospital, Pandya Hospital, AAR Healthcare, Karen Hospital, AAR Healthcare, and MP Shah - all others pay Kes.500. - Reimbursements on genuine medical emergencies.

Last expense

- Kes.75,000 - Kes.150,000


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