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For SME groups ❖ Plans - 6 options: Core Care, Standard Care, Select Care, Essential Care, Executive Care, Elite Care ❖ Flexible cover limits - USD$50,000 to USD$6,000,000 unlimited inpatient, USD$$ 1,500 to the annual policy benefit limit Outpatient ❖ Budget - The premiums are age banded ❖ Flexible cover on Maternity USD$ 2,500 up to Paid in full Dentist Up to USD$ 500 up to USD$ 1,000 Optical not covered ❖ Chronic Paid in full - Cancer inpatient limit up to Paid in full - Pre-existing conditions (selectively covered) - HIV/AIDs - Paid in full - Covid-19 - Paid in full ❖ Accommodation - Standard private room (covered in full) ❖ Overseas treatment - Emergency cover paid in full ❖ Emergency transportation - USD$ 1,125 up to paid in full ❖ Waiting periods - Immediate no waiting period Claim process Direct settlement Selective reimbursement. Payment You can choose to pay premiums on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Brochure

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