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About this product

The Lady Jubilee is a private motor cover specially made for female drivers of private vehicles with additional benefits beside the conventional motor cover offered by other motor insurance covers,

Scope of the Cover

The Lady Jubilee offers 3 cover options, that are based on the sum assured of the customer's motor vehicle as follows:
  • Bronze: Below KES 1,000,000
  • Silver: Between KES 1,000,00 - KES 2,000,000
  • Platinum: Above KES 2,000,000

Who is eligible for the Cover

You are eligible. if you are:
  • A licensed driver
  • The vehicles log book must be registered under the driver
  • The lady driver in whose name the vehicle is registered should be the primary driver/user of the car to be covered.

Benefits of the Cover

  • Home insurance that will cover the home contents insurance for up to a certain level depending on the car value.
  • It will cover a blood sugar, free breast and Pop smear check-up, at Aga-Khan Hospital.
  • In the case of an accident that results in the disability or worse of the "lady driver" Jubilee will pay school fees for the lady's child up to form four.
  • The policy covers the contents of the handbag to a predetermined level.
  • Excess protector
  • Personal accident covers for the insured.
  • Road rescue services

Auxiliary Benefits

  • Free fuel card with a pre-loaded fuel voucher
  • Enjoy discounted prices at specific retail stores
  • Qualify to gather reward points for the future purchase of other Jubilee insurance products.
  • Free Nation Hela card complete with special discounts at Nation Media Group for broadcast and print
Cover Limits
Handbag Contents KES 20,000
Road rescue Free
School fees (on death/Disability) KES 1,000,000
Medical checkup at Aga Khan Free
Home Insurance (content cover) KES 500,000
Personal Accident for Insured KES 300,000
Excess protector Free
Fuel Voucher 1500
Fuel Card Free
Nation Hela card Free
Membership card Yes
Lady Jubilee Gift Park Yes

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