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Age: New members are accepted up to the age of 79 Area of coverage: Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon and the Philippines. ● Plan - 1 option ● Flexible cover limits - Annual Max Plan Limit USD 4.5m, In-patient, and day-patient care, Out-patient care-full refund ● Budget - Premiums depend on age and health condition at time of cover ● Flexible cover on - Maternity up to USD $17,500 - Dentist Up to USD $1,500 - Optical up to USD $300 ● Chronic, full cover Full refund ● Congenital disorder - up to USD $150,000 ● HIV/AIDs - Up to USD $50,000 ● Covid-19 - Not covered ● Accommodation - ward/semi-private or private full refund ● Overseas treatment - Worldwide cover ● Emergency transportation - Emergency road ambulance transport costs to or between Hospitals (Full covered) ● Waiting period - you can apply for cover up to 60 days in advance of your requested start date. Claim process ● Claims can be made via the secure online portfolio or our Mobile App. You can choose to pay and claim back your expenses. Co-Insurance (Out-Patient Treatment) - A 10% Co-Insurance will apply to all Eligible Out-Patient Treatment. Should Your Plan - Includes Maternity and Dental care benefits Brochure Provider panel

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